Do you have Corrosion and Erosion problems in your geothermal fields and power plant facilities?
Wilclad Technologies International can provide SOLUTIONS for your geothermal problems
“We are a geothermal solutions provider company with global reach and solid experience in geothermal development from exploration and drilling, engineering and design, material supply. We provide solution for anti-corrosion and erosion-mitigation in an aggressive geothermal production well.”
Cladding technology provided huge opportunity to utilize the significant number of aggressive geothermal wells in the world currently not being utilized. With cladding technology, we can make these wells useable, add electricity generation from geothermal production to the energy grid, increased profit, and open opportunities for operators and investors to invest in renewable energy through geothermal utilization of aggressive wells.
Wilclad is the leader in the application of this technology in geothermal industry. Not only it offers material supply for aggressive geothermal fluids but also provide tailored solutions for specific field problems.

Are You Impressed With Us?

Our Vision

  • WilClad Technologies endeavors to become the “Go-To” company of the geothermal industry worldwide to deal with the issues in acidic, corrosive and erosive fluids, and mineral scaling with the portfolio of methods, solutions and services that we can provide.
  • We expect to expand these services over the next several years to help the geothermal operators with their other field problems.

Our Mission

  • WilClad Technologies is a total geothermal solutions provider company.
  • Our primary focus is to provide an innovative approach in utilizing the untapped acidic, corrosive and erosive wells and hurdles the various other geothermal field problems.
  • Our aim is to make use of these wasted resources and make its utilization SAFER for the field facilities, the environment and field personnel.
  • Our company will provide the geothermal operators a reliable and effective least cost strategies in solving these various geothermal field problems.
  • Our end goal is to help our client achieve more production output in a safe and more profitable field operations.