Material Supply to Sarulla Geothermal Operations

In 2019, Sarulla Geothermal Operations collaborated with Wilclad Technologies International Pte. Ltd. to supply materials for anti-corrosion and erosion-mitigation purposes. Wilclad provided weld-overlay cladded equipment with corrosion resistant alloys (CRA) in wellhead assemblies such as casing head flange (CHF), master valve, through conduit valve (TCV), wing valve, and surface piping and fittings. The first phase of the job was to supply for the five (5) set of production wells which is producing low pH or acidic geothermal fluids. Aside from CRA cladded piping spools and fittings in the production well branch line, a cladded 36-inch two-phase is also supplied. In some wells with a known case of solids problem, Wilclad supplied and installed a Solids Catcher for removal of solids carryover. The design of the solid’s catcher is in collaboration with Sarulla, its geothermal consultant, and with inputs from Wilclad. The material supply was fully delivered in the first quarter of 2020.

Wellhead with angled port spool for acid-neutralization

Wellhead fitted with dual solids catcher

36-inch Flanged connected two-phase header.