Our Team

Jimmy Tan

Has extensive experience in the cladding industry providing services for the supply chain of oil and gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries. He collaborated with the Philippine geothermal operator for the pioneering work in supplying of first CRA cladded valve used in one geothermal operator in the Philippines for the utilization of acid wells for commercial production. Successfully, carried out the piping re-designing and material supply for cladded equipment in Sarulla geothermal field

Nilo Apuada

Director, Geothermal
A geophysicist with broad experience on Magnetotelluric (MT), Controlled Source Magnetotelluric (CSMT), Regional and Microgravity survey, and data processing/interpretation. Worked as Geophysicist in exploration and development projects of PNOC-EDC for 25 years (1980 – 2005). Geothermal technical consultant (2006 – 2012). Technical and project management for Biliran Geothermal , Inc (2012 – 2017). Team leader for the evaluation of the geothermal potential in Indonesia and tof the central part of Vietnam.

Allan Troy Salazar

Chief Technical Officer
A technical engineer with geothermal and oil & gas work experience. In geothermal engineering, his experience included geothermal production and geothermal power plants working on understanding and prevention of corrosion, erosion-mitigation, and understanding and inhibition of geothermal mineral scaling problems. His work as a drilling applications engineer involved drilling non-conventional wells using the technologies of managed pressure drilling, underbalanced drilling, and aerated geothermal drilling.

Pherjune Villa

Business Development Manager
Started as a geothermal earth scientist accumulating decades-worth of experience in various geothermal and oil & gas field operations. In geothermal, he has extensive involvement in acid well utilization researches. Involved in numerous corrosion-erosion mitigation projects and mineral scaling inhibition studies in various geothermal fields. He has developed expertise in production geochemistry, asset management of geothermal fluid gathering systems, commissioning, and optimization of various types of geothermal power plants. In oil and gas, he was involved in the QA/QC of various drilling tools serving the needs of drilling rigs of major O&G operators in Southeast Asia. He has an established competency in the inspection, assembly, and testing (IAT) of myriad types of drilling tools. He also has an ASNT Level II qualification in UT, MPI, LPI, and PAUT.

Taufiq Rahmat Hidayat

QA/Project Engineer
A materials and welding engineer with extensive experience in inspection, supervision, and coordination. Has extensive knowledge of material selection management and inspection, quality assurance, and the material engineering for welding application for oil & gas, power plant, water treatment, petrochemical, and any related industries. Knowledgeable and familiar with international codes and standards of welding construction. In the last 3 years, his work is focused in the CRA cladding material for Oil & Gas, geothermal, and water treatment industrial applications.