WILCLAD Develops Rapid Piping Deployment (RPD) Systems

WILCLAD conceptualizes a system for Rapid Piping Deployment that will complement for Wellhead Unit  Geothermal Power Plant. Well head units offer modular design, optimal power generation, rapid  deployment, scalability, and accelerated return of investment. To complement the rapid deployment  and scalability, the use of flanged connection in piping spool and fittings over welded piping is  recommended. In the application of cladding of piping and fittings, it is recommended to have it in a  flanged connection. 

The advantages of flanged connection are the following: 

  • Installation is relatively easier to tie in. 
  • Minimizes welding (hot work) in the field. Welding and testing are done in the factory. Reduce qualifications and testing required by welding works on cladded pipes & fittings Optimization of material use/purchase compared to on-site piping welding. With a segmented flange-to-flange connection pipe spool, maintenance and checking schedule  can be easier. 
  • Installation and maintenance costs are relatively much cheaper. 
  • Allows for the procurement of spare pipe spool for each segment. 
  • Relatively easier to make modifications in the pipeline/pipe spool if needed in the future.

With a flanged piping connection, it complements the application of rapid deployment, scalable, and  modular wellhead geothermal power development. It eliminates issues on welding if the pipe is applied  with overlay cladding for anti-corrosion and erosion-mitigation purposes. And it complements rapid and  cost-effective preventive maintenance and servicing schemes for existing geothermal production  facilities. 

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