WILCLAD Participated in the bidding of KenGen Tender SAMPLE

Wilclad through a joint venture (JV) of civil works and mechanical companies in Kenya, participated in the  bidding of KenGen Tender. The tender is for the “Improvement of Circulation Water at Olkaria II Power  Station and Compaction Grouting”. The scopes of work include the replacement of existing fiber  reinforced plastic (FRP) pipe with the stainless steel (SS) material specifically with a single seam 316L SS  material, civil works on compaction grouting for Olkaria II power plant, fire water system overhaul, and  repainting of Olkaria II power plants. 

Wilclad participation is focused on providing the Engineering and Design and Materials Supply for the  replacement of existing fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) pipe with the stainless steel (SS) material specifically. 

Below is one of the drawings in the design of piping. In the opening of the bids, Wilclad’s Joint Venture  was able to be included for the next round for the detailed technical evaluation of the tender. 

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